About Carolyn Perkins


Ms. Perkins has been practicing criminal law for the last 15 years. After working as a federal law clerk for federal district court judges, she became an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Texas. She later moved to Alaska, where she served as an Assistant District Attorney and an Assistant Public Defender.  For over nine years, she  worked as  a juvenile defense attorney, criminal defense attorney, and parental defense attorney for the state of Alaska. 

In 2016, Ms. Perkins moved to Utah to be closer to family,. She worked in Utah as a criminal defense attorney and divorce and custody attorney.   In  2018, Ms. Perkins worked with Lokken and Associates, the firm that has the Salt Lake County parental defense contract and represented parents in juvenile court proceedings. Currently, she works as a juvenile contract defense attorney in Uintah and Duchesne Counties. She also represents private clients in divorce and custody proceedings as well as individuals charged with crimes in justice and  district court. Since 2018, she has been on the Criminal Justice Act Panel of federal attorneys and has represented individuals charged with federal crimes.